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Betabite Imperial Couplings Carbon Steel

Betabite Hydraulics have been manufacturing quality, competitive high pressure tube fittings and valves for the hydraulic, gas, automotive, chemical and nuclear industries worldwide since 1966.

Betabite design and manufacture high pressure tube fittings and valves using quality raw materials and processes for heat treatment and plating so the finished product exceeds the requirements of BS 4368 and DIN 2353.

Due to the new characteristics of the Betabite ferrule, ease of assembly is assured, and even relatively unskilled labour can simply and efficiently produce perfect pressure-tight joints.

The Betabite System of modern tube couplings with a "Built-in Signal" As the coupling nut is tightened, the ferrule moves along the tube. When the ferrule outside diameter contacts the inner taper of the coupling body the front cutting edge of the ferrule makes the primary "bite" cleanly into the outer surface of the tube.

At the point where the secondary "bite" comes into contact with the surface of the tube a sharp increase in torque will occur. This signals to the operative that a perfect, pressure-tight joint has been achieved and no further tightening is necessary. At the same time, the ferrule is clamped firmly by the nut on the tube providing a perfect anti-vibration lock.

The advantages of the Betabite principle are:

  • Three point contact
  • Signal a secure joint by "feel"
  • No tube wall narrowing
  • Eliminate over-tightening
  • Positive seal
  • In-built anti-vibration lock
  • Allows joints to be re-made
  • Safe and dependable assembly
  • For use with both outside diameter and nominal bore steel tubes. These couplings are precisely manufactured to close tolerances and are carefully finished to present a first-class appearance when installed in position.

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